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As a fully integrated waste service company, Southeast Disposal understands the importance of waste diversion to our customers. As do most industry professionals, we believe the effective methods of waste diversion are reduction, re-use and recycling so we work closely with the communities, businesses, industrial facilities and the Regional District of East Kootenay to accomplish this. We are proud to say we assisted the East and West Kootenays in recycling 7000 tonne last year (2007). We have varying sizes of front end and roll off containers available for all your recycling needs.

What we can recycle:

bulletCardboard Products
bulletPaper Products
bulletTin & Aluminum Cans
bulletAsphalt Shingles


Please note: If items are placed in a recycle bin that are not recyclable, the entire bin can become contaminated and disposed of in the landfill

The following items can be placed in any of our yellow recycle bins:

bulletNewspaper / Paper – Newspaper and ad inserts from newspapers, magazines, advertisements, brochures, catalogs or phone books are recyclable.  Also accepted is office paper including loose-leaf paper, computer paper, legal pads, adding machine tapes, and envelopes.  No plastic or foil gift-wrapping paper will be accepted.

bulletCardboard –All cardboard products except for waxed or dirty (oil or food stained, etc) Please flatten boxes.

bulletAluminum – All aluminum cans are recyclable. No aluminum foil or frozen food containers or coverings, and no cans with closed lids such as shaving cream and aerosol sprays.

bulletTin – Tin cans for food are recyclable.  These must be rinsed and have labels removed.

bulletGlass – Clear, brown and green glass are recyclable including beverage containers (beer, soda, juice) and food jars. Remove all metal, plastic rings and caps before recycling.  Only food or drink bottles are acceptable.  Items that are not acceptable are sheet glass, window glass, drinking glasses, cookware or Pyrex, mirror, light bulbs or dishes.  Rinse or wash the glass and remove all lids.

bulletPlastic Only number 1 thru 6 plastics are recyclable.  On the bottom of the container, look for the triangle with a number in it for the type of plastic. Examples: plastic milk, juice and water jugs, one and two liter beverage bottles, shampoo and hand cream containers, most plastic laundry detergent and fabric softener containers, small mouthed plastic containers and plastic shopping bags. Items not accepted are diapers, oil containers, pesticide or weed killer containers, styrofoam, plastic wraps, plastic tubs, lids, caps or any other plastic products.  Rinse or wash items, remove caps and flatten containers.

Plastic Identification Symbols:

plastic1 plastic2 plastic3 plastic4 plastic5 plastic6 plastic7 Please note: Styrofoam, #7 plastics, unmarked plastics and plastic film are not recyclable!!!  

Look for these symbols on the bottom of the container to see if it is recyclable or not.

Our Service Guarantee...

Southeast Disposal is committed to providing professional, reliable, and affordable service.


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